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[VERO BEACH, FL] Do you have old prescription pills collecting dust? Have any gone missing? Do you keep track of how many pills are in your container? How do you even get rid of them once they’re not needed?

The Substance Abuse Free Indian River (SAFIR) Coalition is dedicated to reducing substance abuse by raising awareness, placing and achieving goals, spreading knowledge, and funding initiatives.

Consider these statistics:

  • 50% of teens who misuse opioids said they were given, took, or bought them from a friend or relative, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the CDC.
  • 56% of teens say “It’s easy to get prescription drugs from their parent’s medicine cabinet.” (study by Met Life Foundation)
  • Between 2010 and 2016, the number of people with opioid addictions soared by 493%.
  • Over two million people in the United States currently have an opioid addiction and are prone to overdoses. More than half the number of teen drug overdoses were opioid-related.
  • In 2018, opioids caused more deaths that both gun violence and car accidents. Horrifyingly, the national death rate for opioid use is 14.6% while Florida’s rate is at 16.3%. More than 5 people die every hour from opioids in the United States.

The SAFIR Coalition has the solution to problems you haven’t even realized you have. Now, you can easily find your answer, free of charge, at the Bay Street Pharmacy, Vero Beach Police, Sebastian Police, and Fellsmere Police, courtesy of the SAFIR Coalition, while supplies last.

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Meet the DeTerra Pouch, a drug deactivation environmentally safe and eco-friendly system that will safely dispose of your prescription pills. Once you place your old prescription pills in the DeTerra Pouch, the pouch’s activated carbon binds with and dissolves the addictive components of the pill, states the DeTerra website. This binding process makes the pill useless so it can’t affect humans or the environment. Traces of prescription medication, due to self-disposal of pills into toilets or sinks, have been found in drinking water, aquatic life, animals, and our rivers.

The SAFIR Coalition is giving out hundreds of DeTerra Pouches as a part of their initiative to make the Indian River County community safer for all. For more information on the coalition, please visit

Deterra Punches to help stop opioid misuse